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Growth Through Collaboration

We are looking to acquire companies in the marketing and digital marketing sector. Companies that specialize in the following disciplines.


  • General Service Agencies

  • Direct Response Marketing

  • SEO

  • PPC/facebook

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Branding and design



What we look for in a company.


  1. Values that are aligned with ours (Collaboration, Growth, Honesty, Passion, Contribution)

  2. A solid management team with a track record and a willingness and wish to stay on and a true passion to see the company succeed.

  3. A great reputation and relationship with clients.

  4. At least 5 years in the market.

  5. Something unique. (specialized approach in a vertical/ unique services)

  6. A repeatable process.

  7. At least $1 million in revenues with over 20% net profit. 

  8. A spread of client concentration.

  9. An in house manager or the possibility to transition someone into this role. (if


We believe in Win-Win and are willing to pay a fair accounting valuation on businesses. However, are not looking to pay premium.



Why would you sell to us?


We care about your business and understand that you have spent your blood sweat and years building it up. Building the reputation the brand, the relationships with clients and staff So the last thing that you would like is to have an outsider come in and undo all of your hard work. We aim to align our visions of the future with you to ensure that we are heading in similar directions to preserve your legacy.


Our Medium-term vision


We believe in growth through collaboration and dream big. We see that in today's word though size does matter though it needn't come from uniformity. Our plan is to own the market in agencies of this size Australia wide.