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Regan Williams

I started out my professional career as a full-time property Investor in Australia after finishing my education. Later I decided to travel throughout Asia to follow the love of my life (my wife) and my passion for the martial arts I finally settled down in Seoul after many years in Hong Kong.


With over 14 years in the education and fitness sectors.  I have had the honor to build and manage successful businesses with a great team of people and business-minded individuals.


Over the years I have been regularly asked to consult businesses in the education and fitness sectors that aim to increase their bottom line by improving processes, management and marketing systems.


I have extensive dealings with local Asian and international entrepreneurs and am experienced in assisting and consulting owners to build great businesses and more importantly great relationships and partnerships with the right people.

I have a passion for marketing and all things digital and after seeing the importance and impact that it had made in my own business and that of my colleagues I became obsessed. The fuel to stoke the fires of entrepreneurs dreams and turn them into reality. Helping business owners is my passion and marketing is one of the best tools to do that.